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The Right Way to Hang Art Every Time & Not Screw It Up

I have always loved art and thought that it was the most personal part of any home, but I never knew how to make it all look good on the wall. Then a friend gave me a great tip that to this day has made picture hanging a simple, gratifying task. The tip? Always hang your artwork at 57" on center. Confused? "On center" means that the middle of the artwork is always at 57" (obviously, this only applies to hanging art on an open wall or above lower furniture, rather than over taller features like a fireplace). Interestingly, the 57" standard represents the average human eye-height and is regularly used as a standard in many galleries and museums. These three... Read More

Importance of Wall Art In Your Home

No matter what room you are putting together, accessories and decorations are one of the most important things to focus on. Wall space is crucial to bringing a room together, and the amount of items and what you use will complete the overall look you are going for. The proper use of wall art is a great way to add some flair to your room and really put your own personal touch on it. If you are an art lover, here are some tips on how to work wall art into your home decor no matter what room you are designing. Why You Should Use Wall Art If your room feeling unfinished or lacking some much needed texture? One of... Read More