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About EpicCanvas

EpicCanvas is an online wholesale store for selling handcrafted canvases designed and printed in house.

How it all started?

Ten years ago, for the first time, I saw the 5 piece canvas at my acquaintance's home and got curious about it because it looked OUTSTANDING. From that point onward, it became my obsession to print and share with people who like wall board, paintings and home decor. Slowly and steadily, I became so obsessed that I hired a team of people who can make exceptional 5, 4, 3 and 1 piece canvas prints. Now, we are selling Canvas prints to WorldWide including US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe etc. We are also on Amazon selling in North America (bit.ly/AmazonEpikkanvasNA) and Europe (http://bit.ly/AmazonEpikkanvasEU). 

We work hard and give hard as well. We volunteer at local Kids Foundation and donate internationally to Kids Foundation as well. Following are couple of photos that my team of friends and employees, come together and contribute to beautiful strong kids and their family.